While planning the wedding without a wedding planner can sound appealing, many brides make a few key mistakes.

3 mistakes many Raleigh brides who plan their own wedding make are:

  • Forgetting to Set a Wedding Budget. Many brides don’t forget the entire wedding budget, just small aspects such as accessories, table number, or small decorations. However, not having a Raleigh wedding planner to guide an engaged couple through the planning process can lead to high amounts of last minute expenses. A wedding planner will help any couple think through all potential expenses.
Raleigh Wedding Planner

3 Biggest Mistakes Made By Raleigh Brides

For many Raleigh brides, their wedding is the first wedding they have ever planned. A wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and should not be a test run for planning events. As a wedding planner at Special Memories Events, I have noticed many Raleigh brides begin the wedding planning process by trying to plan their entire wedding themselves.

  • The Small Wedding Details. Many Raleigh brides fall in love with a specific shoe for the bridesmaids or heavy jackets for the groomsmen. However, the devil is in the details. A Raleigh wedding planner will help think through small details like the fact that all members of the wedding party need to be in decently comfortable clothes and shoes throughout the day.
  • Day of the Wedding. The day of the wedding is always the toughest on a bride. All brides are nervous, some even to the point of sickness, on their wedding day. Many Raleigh brides will forget the small details like to avoid colored liquids the day of the wedding.

Many engaged couples in Raleigh begin planning their wedding then realize they need a wedding planner later down the road. Prevent missing any big aspects of planning your Raleigh wedding by contact Michelle at Special Memories Events to set up an initial consultation today.